Nail Art: Donut with Barry M Sequin Effects

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Donut Nail Art with Barry M Sequin Effects

I have seen loads of terrible reviews of the Barry M Sequin Effects polishes, but I really liked the look of the pink one so I had to have it! Yes, it's a little odd; it's like little grains of pink sand mixed in with pink goop and hex glitter. It also manages to be more textured than any other textured nail polish I've tried so far!

When I saw it swatched, it looked like pink sugar so I knew when I bought it that I would have to do some kind of sugar candy nail art with it. I decided that with the glitter, it looks most like pink doughnut frosting with sprinkles!

I added a little quote from Homer, "mmm... donut"

Donut Nail Art with Barry M Sequin Effects

The Polish

Pink from the Sequin Nail Effects collection by Barry M

I Want It


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