Nail Art: Christmas Tree Nails - Then and Now

Nail Art | Christmas Tree | Then and Now

I started blogging just before Christmas, so this is my first opportunity to do a then and now post!

I just love this design, especially the 3D effect of it. I managed this by adding a matte top coat onto the green for the tree so it really looked like the baubles were standing out. Also, I used a textured polish, Celestial Pearl from the Rock Hard Couture collection by Seventeen, to paint on the tinsel so that it looked rough.

Here is my take on the design from last year:

Nail Art | Christmas Tree | Then and Now

Well I think I've improved... The older design was done solely with a dotting tool and I don't think the colour choice was as good. That's probably because I only had about 20 polishes when I started blogging!

I've bought a macro lens for my camera and a lightbox since then and clearly improved my hand shapes - I have no idea why I decided that upside-down bear claw was good, rawr?!

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