Nail Art: The Lacquer Legion Garden Challenge

Nail Art | Lacquer Legion Challenge | Flower Garden

Today's manicure is for the Lacquer Legion Challenge and the prompt is "Garden".

We've been having some lovely weather in the UK so I was keen to get started on a lovely summery design. It's been raining loads since then but I was in the mood for summer at the time!  

Nail Art | Lacquer Legion Challenge | Flower Garden

There's a bit of a story behind this manicure, I took a load of photos of it and then for some reason a few days later I decided to clear out all the photos on my memory card because I thought I had taken them all off it. Well, I hadn't and lost all the photos of this design, I was so angry with myself!

A few days had passed and I was still wearing this design but there was a huge chip out of one of the nails and some little chips in the others. Anyway, I decided to take some pictures of it and coloured in the gaps using Photoshop, haha! You can't really tell unless you stare at the nail on the left, I was pretty impressed with my disaster recovery plan!

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