OMG - a minions nail art set!

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Minion Nail Art Set | Superdrug | Gift | Christmas

I was picking up a few things (mainly nail polish!) in Superdrug and spotted this adorable little nail art set for only £5! Obviously I had to have it, and it was the first thing I tried when I got home.

You get three little nail polishes, a cute nail file and a decent amount of minion stickers in the box.

Minion Nail Art Set | Superdrug | Gift | Christmas

The polishes were sort of strange, although I was expecting that with the whole set being so cheap! The blue and black were such opaque, deep colours that I was immediately worried about staining, but I was safe on that front -phew-

Once dried, they seemed to have a stretchy, glue like texture and when I wanted to remove them they all peeled off really easily. I have to admit, my next thought was that I have to try them under glitter polish - haven’t had a chance to try yet but I hope it works. Removing glitter is like the bane of the Christmas season haha!

Onto the stickers then. Well the stickers were just like the kind of stickers you get to do paper crafts with, so obviously when I put them on my shiny nails they didn’t stick at all! I ended up pushing them into a coat of clear polish and then topcoating over them, and they seemed fairly stuck on then.

So yeah, while this hasn’t been the most positive of write ups, I’m still glad I bought these, they were really fun and let’s face it, I wasn’t expecting much for £5 anyway. If you fancy getting your own, they are at Superdrug here*, under the “Gifts for Kids” section, haha!

If you came here looking for real nail art and not me playing around with stickers, here are my minion nails that I painted last year.

Minion Nail Art Set | Superdrug | Gift | Christmas
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