Ciate Mini Mani Manor - Days 4 to 6

Ciate | Mini Mani Manor | Advent Calendar

Working through the advent calendar in order proved tricky for this little set - a very sheer colour, a bar glitter polish and some loose glitter!

Ciate | Mini Mani Manor | Advent Calendar

I basically had no solid colour to work with here. If you're thinking that the peach polish, (called Members Only) looks solid then think again, I have literally never owned a polish this sheer, it was essentially useless! After two coats it had just left a slight shimmer on my nails. Maybe it could work over a French manicure but I wasn't getting any actual colour out of it.

I'm not usually a huge fan of bar glitters, but this is probably my favourite. It's called Sloaney, Sweetie and it looks like rose gold glitter but when you look really close it's actually gold, pink and peach mixed together. I definitely prefer my bar glitter to be metallic.

The red glitter, (Runway Ribbon), I didn't realise it was loose glitter until I opened it up and then looked in and said, "There's no brush in this one!". I tipped it up a little to look and -poof- glitter everywhere! I am not a smart person, haha! I like the idea of having loose glitters in the advent calendar though, just to mix it up a bit.

Anyone else made the same mistake as me with the glitter?

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