Review: The Best Christmas Glitters under £5

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Best Christmas Glitters | Under £5 | Barry M | Models Own | NYC | Miss Sporty

If you love nail polish, you can’t really avoid glitter at this time of year, it’s a basic requirement! Most brands have brought out new glitter ranges and as I’m always on the hunt for a bargain, I decided to see which was the best for under £5.

Best Christmas Glitters | Under £5 | Barry M | Models Own | NYC | Miss Sporty

By far the most glittery of the polishes on test today, this is a purple coloured base crammed with holographic glitter particles. My main complaint about this one is that it needs 3 coats to be properly opaque, but it’s the sheerness that shows off the glitter. It’s £3.99. This one’s fab for when you want a full on party effect!

It’s at the cheaper end of the scale at only £1.99, but I have to say that this was my least favourite. It’s really sort of gloopy - you can even see this in the pictures. It may sound odd but the glitter didn’t really sparkle. The base colour is pretty deep and it really flattens the glitter effect so it’s almost more matte and definitely not one for the Christmas party.

This is the most expensive of the set at £4.99 and it’s a little different to the others in terms of formula too. The others are fairly sheer so the glitter still sparkles but this is a solid colour with really really fine glitter. It was opaque and ready to go in just one coat for me. Sure, it’s not as crazy with Christmas sparkle as the others, but it’s a lovely effect and I can see myself wearing it all year round.

Another £1.99 offering here, but a much more successful one in my opinion. It needs 2-3 coats to be opaque but this means that the glitter isn’t overwhelmed and is still nice and sparkly. This one is packed with micro holographic glitter, and it’s not quite as sparkly as the Barry M, which contains larger pieces of glitter but its still a great option for some Christmas sparkle. Especially at this price!

Best Christmas Glitters | Under £5 | Barry M | Models Own | NYC | Miss Sporty

Which would I buy?

Basically anything but the NY polish! The other three are pretty good. If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t go far wrong with the Miss Sporty. Barry M Glitterati is great for all out sparkle fun, and the Models Own is a more elegant option.

If you forced me to choose just one, I’d probably go for the Models Own because it’s party ready in just a single coat and I love the colour.

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