Polish Days: The Number Five

Water Marble Polish Days

For this Polish Days, inspired by the number five, I wanted to do a five colour water marble. I've never done water marbling though and quickly realised that it's very tricky! 

For my first attempt at water marbling, I started off with one colour on each nail, which is a pretty neat effect:

Water Marble Polish Days

Then I decided I could do better, cleaned that off and tried two colours on each nail. I really like how these came out in the end though, even though the pink and purple colours turned out to be quite similar!

Water Marble Polish Days

Finally I decided I could cope with five colours on each nail, which worked out OK. I swapped out the purple for a darker colour so it stood out more. They are still pretty messy, with all the bubbles I think they look like craters on a rainbow moon! I think my thumb was the best:

Water Marble Polish Days
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