Nail Art: Grassy Nails

Grass Nail Art

I'll be explaining how to create beautiful 3D grassy nails. This one is actually really simple, and I was surprised by how long lasting it was - the grass is properly stuck on, even after washing my hands! It's done with the grass that you can get from modelling and craft stores, (mine is from Games Workshop - shh).

Start off by painting your nails green.

Next, open up your tub of grass. Don't sneeze.
One nail at a time, paint them with a good thick coat of clear polish and then immediately place them in the grass. Scoop up the grass and place it on the nail so that you get a really thick coating.

Grass Nail Art

Geeky tip - the grass is actually called static grass because the electrical charge makes the grass stand on end to make a really cool 3D effect. To emphasise this, turn your nail upside down and tap on the finger to shake the excess grass off and make it really stand up.

And we're done. I said it was easy!
I was really pleased with how this looked in the end and how the grass stayed upright instead of matted on my nail.

Grass Nail Art
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