31 Day Challenge: Day 5 - Blue

31 Day Challenge 2013 | Day 5 | Blue

Ah finally, back onto the colours I have loads of! After having a choice of two polishes for yellow and three for green, I have 15 blue polishes because I just love blue. I decided to use them all and paint stripes of each on my nails! I added a matte top coat to try to unify the design a bit more, and it definitely looks better matte than glossy. I think my favourite is the Sephora blue, second finger, third stripe from the left, it just looks so fab and shimmery even when matte.

On an unrelated note, I booked my wedding today! It's only six months away and when I called to book the registrar the only time they had left was 11am, but that's OK I guess. We were lucky to get that final chance to get the date we wanted, I didn't think everything had to be sorted so far in advance! I'm off to Hobbycraft at the weekend to buy a load of supplies for making all the invitations. I love being crafty, it will be so much fun!

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