31 Day Challenge: Day 8 - Metallic

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31 Day Challenge 2013 | Day 8 | Metallic

Oh my god, I LOVE these nails! I was originally going to do silver nails with a line of gold studs, but with a gold accent nail and live of silver studs. Once I had applied that, I couldn't stop myself and kept adding the silver studs to get this striped effect across the nail! The studs are just so easy to apply, it only took me about 15 minutes for the whole thing. I had to keep applying new stripes of topcoat to keep the nail tacky for the studs though. The studs have been on for a few hours now and there is so much topcoat they haven't budged, I'm a little concerned that they could be a pain to remove, but not too concerned because they look so fab!

I couldn't resist an arty macro shot of these so here you go:

31 Day Challenge 2013 | Day 8 | Metallic

For those wondering, the studs are here, from the Born Pretty Store*, and they are $4.17 (£2.67) with free shipping. They come in this little wheel and there must be hundreds in there, I used less than half of a segment for these nails!

31 Day Challenge 2013 | Day 8 | Metallic

I have a discount code for the Born Pretty Store now, PNBQ10, so if you enter the code at checkout, you can get yourself the studs for only £2.40 :)

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