31 Day Challenge: Day 14 - Floral

31 Day Challenge 2013 | Day 14 | Floral

When I thought floral, I thought about the Cath Kidston tutorial by One Nail to Rule Them All, which you can find here.

These nails are ridiculously detailed and I am so proud of them! The tutorial explains everything nicely though and I think it's pretty close to the original design, although the tiny white spots aren't quite as small. One thing it did make me realise is that I don't own a single light pink polish. I don't know how I managed that, I have about 150 polishes now, quite a few hot pinks but nothing pale. My other half says I only ever buy blue and purple polish and he may have a point because I had loads of purple shades to choose from for the flowers!

I have a crafty day ahead of me as I am making my wedding invitations later, so exciting!

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