Nail Art | Simples Challenge | Ombre

The Simples challenge group is a nail art challenge with a different technique to try each week, with the aim that they are simple to do!

Lacquer Legion Challenge | Reinvention Theme | Gradient Manicure

This manicure is for the Lacquer Legion challenge of Reinvention!

31 Day Challenge 2013

A little roundup post of the 31 day challenge for you today! I decided to participate because I was only posting on my blog about twice a week. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and I had a schedule where I would paint my nails one day, look through the photos, crop and watermark them the next and post it up the day after! I thought this would force me into having to get the whole lot thing in just one night and it was so tricky at first but I soon got used to it. It doesn't mean that I will be able to continie posting every single day but I'll definitely be posting more!

One thing I wasn't expecting is that it seems to have really improved my nail art skills, or at least my confidence in them! Anyway, enough talk - here are all the rest of the pictures!

31 Day Challenge 2013 | Day 31 | Inspired by nails you love

I think some of the most beautiful nails I've seen so far in this challenge are the Green Jade Nails by Chalkboard Nails. They have such a lovely effect to them and the tiny studs make them even better!

So the challenge for me was how to recreate them as I don't have that many polishes! I couldn't find anything that I would really call a jelly so I decided to use Max Factor's Fantasy Fire, which is pretty translucent and packed with red-pink sparkle. It doesn't really have the same effect as the Jade ones, but I guess these were only supposed to be inspired by the nails and I like the way these look, especially how the shimmer glints through in the light.

The little studs are from the Born Pretty Store; there's a 10% off code in my sidebar if you want to pick some up.

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